Extended RV Trips Your Overnight Accommodation Options

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Are you in the process of planning an extended RV trip? If you are, is this your first time looking to do so? If it is, you may have a number of questions. One question commonly asked by first time RV travelers is that of where to stay. When planning an extended RV trip, you may take comfort in knowing that you have a number of different overnight accommodation options.

One of the most common places for RV travelers to stay overnight is that of an RV park. RV parks are similar to standard campgrounds; however, they are designed with motor homes in mind. One of the biggest differences between traditional campgrounds and RV parks is the number of camping spaces available, as well as the size of those spaces, which is often much larger.

Should you decide to stay overnight at an RV park, you may want to plan doing so in advance. This is particularly important in late spring, summer, and early fall. These times are known as being popular RV travel dates. Although RV parks are increasing in popularity, many still quickly fill up with reservations. To help ensure that you have a place to stay each night of your trip, reservations are advised.

As previously stated, traditional campgrounds, also commonly referred to as public campgrounds, are similar to RV parks. For that reason, you will want to give them a close look. Many public campgrounds accommodate to RV owners. When doing so, they have larger spaces set aside that are able to fit most standard motor homes.

As with staying at an RV park, it is important to plan ahead, when looking to stay at a public campground. This is particularly important, as many public campgrounds are limited on the number of motor home accommodations they have. To help ensure that you have a spot you will want to make reservations, even if they are not technically required.

Another option that you have, when looking to stay in your RV overnight, is by speaking to those that you know. Is the purpose of your RV trip to visit long distance friends and relatives? If it is, ask if you can park your RV and stay on their property. Many will not have a problem allowing you to do so if they have a large yard or driveway. Although you may not want to ask, you should take money into consideration. You may be able to save yourself a considerable amount of money, especially on extend trips, when staying somewhere for free.

As previously stated, RV parks and public campgrounds with motor home accommodations are popular ways for RV owners and renters to spend their nights on extended trips. The best way to go about researching all of your options is by using the internet. A standard internet search, with your intended destination is advised. For example, if you will be traveling to Idaho, search with a phrase, such as “Boise Idaho RV parks,” or “Boise Idaho RV campgrounds.”

If you do choose to stay at a public campground with RV accommodations or an RV park, don’t pick the first one that you come cross. This is a great way to make sure that you find the overnight accommodation that is best for you and your needs. Many areas have multiple RV parks and campgrounds to choose from. If you start your planning early enough, you should be able to thoroughly examine the cost of each of your options, as well as park or campground features, like swimming pools, hiking trails, and so forth.

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