Program Rules

We want you to enjoy your trip. So please make sure that you have a clear understanding of the Program Rules before confirming your reservation.

Presentation Requirement

  • You are required to attend a 90-minute travel club presentation while on your trip. You are not required to buy, sign, or join anything. But, you are required to attend and stay for the entire 90 minutes.

  • Your attendance at the presentation is mandatory, and if you do not attend or do not qualify, you will be charged an additional fee of 300 USD. If we cannot collect the fee, you must check out of the hotel room early and forfeit the remaining nights.

  • Qualifications for the Presentation

  • You must be at least 23 years of age or older and have a job.

  • If you have a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or significant other, you must travel together, attend the 90-minute travel club presentation together, verbally confirm that one of you have a job, and be fluent in English or Spanish.

  • At the presentation, you must have your credit or debit card and valid government-issued photo identification. Digital wallets, digital ID's, and prepaid debit cards are not accepted.

  • You must be a resident of the United States or Canada.

  • Additional Factors that may disqualify you for the Presentation

  • If you or any member of your party are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the presentation.

  • If you or any member of your party exhibit aggressive or disruptive behavior towards our staff or other guests.

  • If you or any member of your party are an existing owner or member of the product that is being presented.

  • If you or any member of your party have recently attended a presentation showcasing a product that is similar to the one that is being presented.

  • Upon Arrival at the Hotel or Resort

  • When you arrive, check-in at the front desk and provide the clerk with your name, a valid government-issued photo identification, and a credit or debit card for incidentals and deposit. Digital wallets, digital ID's, and prepaid debit cards are not accepted.

  • You are responsible for selecting a room that will fit your party. Rooms with 1 bed sleep 2; rooms with 2 beds sleep 4, and so on.

  • Additional Charges

  • If you selected a hotel that charges resort fees, parking fees, or cleaning fees, you are responsible for paying those fees directly to the hotel when you arrive, including local state tax.

  • Some hotels might place a temporary charge on your credit card when you arrive to protect against damage or loss. As long as the room is not damaged and the furniture, fixtures, and linens stay in the room, the hotel will refund it shortly after you check out.

  • If you order room service or make long-distance phone calls, you are responsible for covering those costs.

  • Last Updated: 12/22/2023